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1. The race is insanely close. Your hanging chad maybe the one needed to save us from another 4 years with the Republicans calling the shots.

2. There is a significant difference between the 2 parties. One is pro war, not just in Iraq but maybe Iran and Russia too, the other is unlikely to start wars, and wars are not good, that is unless you make tanks, guns, bullets or own a “security” firm. 

3. Are you willing to entrust the US to a guy who has just starting “doing emails?”

4.The younger you are the more you have to gain… and to lose. A democracy is based upon everyone voting and in 2004 only 57% of eligible people voted. 

5. Older people are more likely to want to control the internet,  the most important tool for freedom, reducing poverty, equality and education.

6. For many this election is about race. Do not underestimate the number of voters who will not vote for Obama because he is black. The media wont discuss racism because it is not supposed to exist….it does.  A simple way of fighting racism is to vote for Obama. 

7. McCain may die and this would leave Sarah Palin as President of the USA. Sarah Palin is totally against abortion to the point where she will not even allow it in cases of rape or incest. 

8. 9/11 gave the Republicans the opportunity to decimate human rights and personal freedoms in the name of security. In the words of Patrick Henry “Give me liberty, or give me death”.  Terrorism can be defeated only by not allowing ourselves to become terrorized. 

9. Do not vote for McCain because he chose a woman as his #2. Fighting sex discrimination does not mean voting for a woman who is clearly unprepared for the job and has been put forward in a carefully manipulated campaign maneuver. 

10. You have the most to gain and the most to lose.. so use your vote. 

Add your own reasons in the comments section and I will add them all.

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