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On Hiatus

On Hiatus

It wasn’t a planned break just a wire coming loose in the creative writing corner of the brain. Interestingly, or maybe not so interestingly it happened as we came into land at LAX and it reconnected when I was in Paris last week. 

Whilst on hiatus we had a wonderful family wedding, very special youngest daughter tied knots in New Hampshire to very caring, cute, surfer dude and long time boyfriend. 

We visited with our Millie Joule, the most amazing Dalmatian ever who has chosen to stay in the US while we’ve been trekking around the world. She is way too wise to leave her little slice of dog heaven in California. She was a Buddhist Monk in a former life. 

I bought an Apple Macbook and I love it.. more on Macs soon. 

My Travel Tip of the Month is Go to Paris in August. Most of the locals are away on their own holidays and the high price of the Euro means that there were very few visitors. No queue to get into the Louvre and easy to get a table at all the best Cafes.  

In contrast to Paris Catalonia in August is a full house. There should be a sign at the border saying “standing room only”.  It is so popular because the Med in August is great. It’s sunny every day and the water is warm and blue with jolly good windsurfing and a few tidgy waves to surf as an added bonus.

A cooling summer drink called Horchata has become a new favourite when we go into town. It is from Valencia and made from Tiger Nuts, no not Tigers Nuts, that would be a environmental faux pas.  More on Horchata de Valencia very soon. 

It’s good to be back, I hope everyone is having a great summer or if you are in the southern hemisphere I hope that the winter storms are not too bad. 

Bye for Now Thursdays Girl

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I love coming back to Catalonia!

(This theme may become very boring over the next few months, as I am sure I will rave about Catalonia endlessly. The only thing you could do is to send comments telling me to shut up, but I might just keep going anyway.)

I even like landing in Barcelona airport. I like the immigration guys there as you can get them to smile really easily and they seem happy to welcome us to their country. Unlike some countries such as the US of A where immigration staff are not known for their sense of humour or general congeniality.

I like driving thru the outskirts of Barcelona, you get glimpses of stunning buildings in between the speeding trucks and cars zigzagging in and out all being driven by Lewis Hamilton wannabees. It is exciting, exhilarating and a little scary.

I like baguettes. The Spanish ones are just as good as the French and it constantly puzzles me that whilst we can split the atom in many countries we cannot make good baguettes outside of a handful of countries around the world. Why?

I like a people who talk with their hands as much as their words. Those of us who were raised not to wave our hands are missing out. Add hand waving to your conversation skills and your communication effectiveness will improve immediately.

I like the smell of pine trees.

I like the sound of the Spanish language. It is just as sexy as French. On the other hand Catalan does not fall into the sexy language category. It has a lot of guttural sounds and is spoken at double speed with less enunciation than Spanish, which means it is mostly incomprehensible. More on Catalan later.

I love being back in Catalonia.

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